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Happy ever after

As the Doggone trial with Hamilton and Hutt City Councils draws to a close, we’ve been delighted to hear about the ever increasing number of dogs who have been successfully reunited with their owners as a result of Doggone.  Reunites have been achieved both through the App and the free… Read more

Another ground-breaking innovation

Doggone’s ‘Report a Wandering Dog’ feature has been met with great enthusiasm!  Not only does it allow dog owners with the App to assist in reuniting lost dogs with their owners, it also allows members of the wider community to actively assist in the reuniting process – all they need… Read more

Doggone App update successfully resolves location issues

Pleasingly we have had very positive response from dog owners involved in the trial who have installed the latest version of the Doggone App that was released on the evenings of Thursday 17 January (for iPhones) and Friday 18 January (for Android phones). We urge App users with any remaining… Read more

Android version 8.0.0

We just want to let you know that there’s still a problem which affects Android phones using version 8.0.0 that is causing Bluetooth to crash. Our App developers are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. Due to this issue, our App team have removed the latest version from the Play Store until the… Read more

Doggone finding favour with dog owners from all walks of life!

A Dog’s Day Out proved a big hit earlier this month for the dog owners participating in the Doggone trials with Hutt and Hamilton City Councils. More than 300 dog owners braved less than summery conditions to run their dogs through a number of simulated scenarios with Doggone – including… Read more

Doggone App ranks highly!

It seems that the arrival of the Doggone App is striking a chord in all the right places. Within hours of the App going live on both Google and Apple platforms it was ranking as the second most popular App for those interested in things relating to dogs. It’s all… Read more

Privacy for Dogs!

Even your pooch values their privacy, but do they have a right to it? Kathryn Dalziel, NZ’s top privacy lawyer explains. Well that has got your attention: Privacy for Dogs! While you have to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the physical, health, and behavioural needs of your dog… Read more

The Doggone App is now live on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store!

The Doggone App is now live on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store!  Download your free App now and create your dog’s virtual ID.  

Dogs’ Day Out

For everyone involved in the trial with Hamilton and Hutt City Councils, we are holding a Dog’s Day Out on the first weekend in November. Hamilton dog owners – Saturday 3 November at Dominion Park in Nawton. There’ll be three separate sessions – one for small dogs (11.30am to 12.30pm),… Read more