Shipping policy

Shipping costs

  • Shipping costs are displayed as part of the check-out process on the Doggone website.
  • Proceeding through check-out to complete your purchase of your selected Doggone product(s) is confirmation that you accept the specified shipping costs.
  • Doggone reserves the right to review and amend its shipping costs at any time. Amendments will be effective immediately and Doggone has no obligation to notify you of such amendments. Current shipping costs will be displayed at check-out on the Doggone website.


  • You represent, acknowledge and agree that you are at least 18 years of age or that you have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to incur shipping costs (together with costs for any products) you purchase directly through the Doggone website.

Accuracy of information

  • You are solely responsible for all information contained in the shipping address details provided to Doggone to ensure that delivery of Doggone’s product can be made directly to you.

Service providers

  • Doggone reserves the right to change its nominated service providers from time to time, and is under no obligation to notify you of such changes.
  • Smart tags will be sent via tracked courier. Tracking information will be provided to you at the time of dispatch.
  • Text tags will be sent via standard post.