Doggone is an innovative and sustainable technology-based solution for the quick and safe reuniting of you and your dog.

We are currently working with Councils around New Zealand to explore how Doggone could be integrated into the annual dog registration process to add even greater value for you, and even greater safety for your dog.

How it works

Doggone is an innovative IT-based solution designed specifically to help reunite dog owners with their lost dogs – quickly, efficiently and safely.

In simple terms, Doggone links your dog’s virtual ID profile with the Doggone registration tag, which contains a Bluetooth tracking mechanism, and the free Doggone App (compatible with both iPhone and Android technologies).

The Doggone registration tag talks to the Doggone App when they are in close proximity of each other (up to 60 metres). You can use the App to check your dog’s whereabouts, mark it as lost if it escapes and receive real-time location updates of where it is. You will also receive real-time notifications if someone sees your dog out alone and marks it on the App as a wandering dog.

The Doggone registration tag also has a unique registration number engraved on it, so if someone finds your dog they can access the owner’s emergency contact number by texting the dog’s registration number to free text 4133. When you mark your dog as lost on the Doggone App your local animal control team will be notified, so they, too, can help to quickly reunite you with your dog.

Virtual ID

A virtual ID is simply an ID that is stored in the Cloud – as opposed to written down somewhere.

Your dog’s virtual ID profile is created by you, its owner, and is stored by Doggone in the Cloud. When creating your dog’s ID profile, you simply enter information about your dog that would help you be reunited with them. Some of the fields within the profile are mandatory (e.g. dog’s name, owner’s phone number).

You can update your contact details and/or your dog’s details at any time on the Doggone App. Updated information is live immediately.

If you have a need to remain anonymous, or if you don’t have a cell phone, you can nominate an alternate contact on your dog’s profile, or opt to select your local Council animal shelter.

No third party has access to any information about your dog or its location, other than you. Virtual IDs are password protected, and Doggone is fully compliant with the Privacy Act.

The Hardware

Participating Councils will send you a Doggone Bluetooth tag as part of your annual dog registration.

It is lightweight and robust, with a toughened outer casing. The tag is fully sealed, waterproof (to IPx7 standard) and does not require battery replacement.

The tag contains a Bluetooth chip which allows it to connect with the Doggone App via Bluetooth, using iBeacon (compatible with both iPhone and Android technologies). It also links with your virtual ID created as part of the annual dog registration process.

The tags are coloured to comply with the Dog Control Act colour specifications.

The Doggone tag uses Smart Bluetooth 4.2 (low energy) which means it’s safe for your dog to wear.

The dog’s registration number, expiry date, and the corresponding Council and its phone number are engraved on one side of the tag. On the other side of the tag is a message to FREE-text your dog’s registration number to 4133 if your dog looks lost. By doing so, your emergency contact number is made available.

The Free App

The Doggone App is free and very simple to use. It doesn’t need to be turned on to work so it’s not constantly drawing on your precious phone data or battery life. However, Bluetooth and location do need to be ON to ensure that you receive any information about your lost or wandering dog.

The Doggone App is available for anyone to download – dog owner or not! Simply by having the App downloaded on a phone means it will act as a beacon for Doggone registration dog tags, so anyone can help owners to be reunited with their lost dogs.

Some of the things you can do with the Doggone App include:

  • View all of your dogs within the one App.
  • Mark your dog as lost. When you mark your dog as lost, your local animal control team will be notified so that they can help you look for your dog too.
  • If you are out of town and your dog gets lost, a notification will be sent to that town’s animal control team.
  • Mark your dog as found
  • See a location history for your dog
  • Receive directions to your pet’s current location once found by someone else.
  • Update any information about your dog
  • Update your contact details
  • Mark someone else’s dog as ‘wandering’ if you see a dog out walking and it is clearly alone

Download the app

(App available at commencement of Trial, October 2018)

Open the App Store (Apple)
or Play Store (Android)


Search “Doggone”


Tap either
Get (Apple)
Install (Android)
to install the App

Free text service

Anyone can FREE-text the registration number engraved on your dog’s tag to 4133, whether they’ve got the Doggone App on their phone or not. By texting this information to 4133 they will receive your emergency contact number.