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  • The Doggone Text Reunite Tag

    $24.00 / year

    Using Doggone's dedicated SMS service (text 4133), our text reunite tags:
    ∙ Quickly reunite you with your lost pet.
    ∙ Share important information with the finder.
    ∙ Provide unlimited access to our text service.
    ∙ Have an average response time of just 4 seconds.
    ∙ Have reunited over 2,200 lost pets.
    ∙ Give you access to the secure Doggone Smart App.
    ∙ Send important notifications.
    ∙ Update your contact details in real time.

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  • The Doggone GPS Smart Tag

    Using the latest 4G and GPS technology, our waterproof GPS smart tags enable you to:
    ∙ Monitor your pet's whereabouts in real time.
    ∙ Access Doggone's secure Smart app.
    ∙ Display your pet's location history.
    ∙ Track walks.
    ∙ Receive important notifications.
    ∙ Update owner's contact details in real time.
    ∙ Add up to three contacts per smart tag.
    ∙ Build virtual or geo-fencing (coming soon).
    ∙ Includes silicone cover for easy attachment to your pet’s collar.

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