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The Doggone GPS Smart Tag

(8 customer reviews)

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Pre-order your Doggone Smart Tag today and receive a 20% discount on your first year’s subscription.

Using the latest 4G and GPS technology, our waterproof GPS smart tags enable you to:

  • Monitor your pet’s whereabouts in real time.
  • Access Doggone’s secure Smart app.
  • Display your pet’s location history.
  • Track walks.
  • Receive important notifications.
  • Update owner’s contact details in real-time.
  • All pre-orders receive a 20% discount on the first year’s subscription.
  • Build virtual or geo-fencing (coming soon).
  • Add up to three contacts for each smart tag.
  • Includes silicone cover for easy attachment to your pet’s collar.

Price: $189.99 + $8/month (subscription cost).


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8 reviews for The Doggone GPS Smart Tag

  1. Claire (beta tester)

    Fantastic idea that all dog owners should be on board with. Doggone is awesome and went above and beyond to help get me connected.

  2. Tim (beta tester)

    Great app, still fairly new but the development team are working so well to fix any bugs and they have always been super responsive to any contact I’ve made. Love using this and think it’s such a fantastic idea.

  3. Andrew (beta tester)

    Great work by the dev team getting the kinks ironed out, this is becoming a very useful tool

  4. Jo (beta tester)

    This is amazing. What a fantastic idea and so great we can track down our pooch when they head off on their adventures.

  5. Jamie (beta tester)

    Doggone is a terrific service and I’m grateful to have it

  6. Jasmine (beta tester)

    Love the idea. This is exactly what we need to keep our fur babies safe

  7. Mike (beta tester)

    I absolutely love the concept. The ability to track lost pets is lacking and Doggone is solving that with their tech.

  8. Tracey

    Amazing tags – I love the peace of mind this gives me and that I can always see where my beautiful dog is. I also like that we can have more than one family member assigned to the tag to be contacted should he get lost. App is super easy to use!

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