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Great support from leading SMS provider for Doggone’s free text service

Modica Group We might’ve understood the importance of staying in our bubbles, but our furry friends didn’t! We worked with Doggone to create their 4133 text service – this has enabled the reuniting of lost dogs with their owners within Hutt City. Find out more & register your interest for… Read more

Some dogs just don’t ‘get’ lockdown!

While the nation learns to manage the daily realities of living in lockdown it seems that some of our four-legged friends are determined to flout the rules! And gorgeous Labradoodle Choccie is one such pup! Just one day into lockdown, Choccie decided to sneak off for a wee adventure.  Being… Read more

We have a WINNER!

We have loved receiving wonderful good-news stories of dogs being reunited with their owners. We’ve heard from both dog owners and those in the community who have helped with the reuniting process. Congratulations to Kate Parker who helped reunite a beautiful young dog with its owner. Using the ‘Report a… Read more

Making headlines in all the right places

LG News Bulletin

We are delighted to see that on day one of the new dog registration year interest has been shown in Doggone by Local Government across the country. We made front page of the LG News Bulletin.

Google to support apps on current Huawei devices

For those dog owners who have a Huawei phone, the manufacturer has recently released a public statement confirming that Google will “continue to support all models of Huawei phones currently in the market, including all current models available for sale.” Good news for users of apps, including the Doggone App.

Anything that has a dog’s welfare at heart is a friend of ours

Anything that has a dog’s welfare at heart is a friend of ours. And like good friends do, we like to spread the word when someone needs some help. Did you know that SPCA receives almost no government funding? Everything SPCA does depends on the generosity of caring New Zealanders…. Read more

Doggone App – version 2 – to be released 30 June 2019

Doggone will be releasing the latest upgrade of its App – version 2 – on Sunday 30 June 2019 to coincide with Hutt City Council’s new dog registration year which begins on 1 July. The App will be available to download from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Hutt… Read more

In the media

NZ Herald

It’s wonderful to have interest in Doggone’s partnership with Hutt City Council.  As a point of correction in the article published by the NZ Herald – Doggone is fully compliant with the New Zealand Privacy Act and NO information about a dog, its location, or information about the dog’s owner… Read more

Hutt City Council Opens up Doggone to All

We are thrilled to announce that the Hutt City Council is offering Doggone to all dog owners as part of their 2019/2020 dog registration. This decision follows on from a successful three-month trial of Doggone with 350 dog owners in the Stokes Valley area.  Doggone is delighted to be able to… Read more