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2020/2021 tags for Hutt City Council dog owners expire on 30 June 2021.

Anyone can use Doggone’s free 4133 text service to help reunite a dog with its owner – whether they have the Doggone app on their phone or not. By simply texting the six digit registration number that is displayed on a dog’s Doggone registration tag, to 4133, they will immediately receive the emergency contact number for the dog’s owner by return text. This number will be nominated by the dog’s owner when they set up their dog’s Virtual ID profile.

Next generation tags will be available direct to the public, and will be available late 2021.

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Buy the Doggone Smart Bluetooth tag and subscribe to Doggone's reunite service


Download the app and set up your profile


Attach to collar and go!

In just 20 months, we’ve helped over 1500 owners and their pets reunite. Here’s what a few of those happy owners had to say about their experiences.


Our developers are working doggedly on the next generation of Smart tags!

The Doggone Smart tag uses Bluetooth to connect with nearby phones via the Doggone app.

Location sightings are generated using that phone’s GPS.

All sightings are date and time-stamped, and sent securely to the pet owner. Sightings are visible only in the pet owner’s app and never on the phone that created the sighting.

You can use the App to mark your pet as missing and you’ll receive real-time notifications of all new sightings of your pet every time it passes a phone with the Doggone app installed – a bit like a bread crumb trail!

Anyone with the Doggone app who spots your pet out alone, can quickly mark your pet as wandering and you’ll immediately get notification of your pet’s location.

What’s more, every Doggone tag has a unique number printed on it, so whoever finds your pet, regardless of whether they have the app or not, can access your emergency contact number by texting your pet’s tag number to Doggone’s free-text reunite service, 4133.

No dogs should ever sleep ruff

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