Reuniting Stories

Reunited while visiting in another city

While visiting friends in Wellington on the weekend, our beautiful dog managed to head off on an unscheduled wander!  Facing an already stressful situation, it was made worse by not being in our own neighbourhood where people know her.  We… Read more

Repeat wanderer safely reunited with her owners

We received this lovely note from a happy dog owner in Lower Hutt: “Thank you to Doggone for reuniting us twice in the last week with our wandering Lab!” It’s our pleasure. We are so pleased that we were able… Read more

Escape artist safely reunited through Doggone

  We were thrilled to hear from this wee pup’s owner that they were quickly reunited with their run-away this morning. Seeing the front door was accidentally left open, he took his chances and was off! Fortunately someone with the… Read more

Contactless reuniting successful

We just love hearing from happy dog owners when they are reunited with their dog … We are so grateful for Doggone – our beloved Cees (Case) decided he was a bit over lockdown despite his many walks. He took… Read more

Lockdown reunite effective

We were thrilled to hear from one of our happy Doggone owners today: Doggone has kept our Choccie safe. She occasionally likes to sneak off for a wee adventure… nothing too far, but she’s little, and not very worldly wise…. Read more

From a grateful owner

Not realising Bella had left the property and thinking she was safe and sound at home, it was good to receive the call. On Friday night Bella climbed through the fence at home and went for a wander. Some people… Read more

Thank goodness for Doggone

Sammie, a 15 year old Fox Terrier who never leaves mum’s side, had quite the adventure recently! When a visitor was leaving the house, Sammie thought that her owner was leaving with them in the car. Giving chase, she raced… Read more

It worked well!

Roxy was outside in the carport safely secured by her lead.  However, unbeknown to her owners, she managed to slip her lead and took off on an adventure.  She wandered around the neighbourhood and found a friendly-looking home and joined… Read more

Accidents do happen

A visitor accidentally left the gate open which allowed Kensal to head off to explore around the neighbourhood. He made it about 18 doors away before someone in the neighbour saw him and used the free text service that was… Read more