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Next Generation Tag

Dog owners who opt for a Doggone SMART Bluetooth registration tag for this 2020/2021 dog registration year will notice a number of enhancements from last year.

Niggles around battery life have been addressed with upgraded software and improved battery fastening, while a superior silicone seal around the ON button will see greater water resistance for those pooches who love a swim.

Most registration tags have a hard life! As an additional insurance policy to ensuring the tags stand the test of time – with the important information still clearly legible after 12 months of wear and tear – the outer casing of this next gen SMART tag has yet another additional protective coating.

We are about to unleash big things!

Our new website is coming soon!

But wait there’s more …. 

Doggone’s much anticipated GPS Smart Tag is about to be released.

To experience true peace of mind that comes from always knowing where your pet is, pre-order now!

Discount available for all pre-orders.