Doggone is recipient of Callaghan Innovation’s R&D Experience Grant
Callaghan Innovation, the Government agency supporting hi-tech businesses in New Zealand, have awarded Doggone with an R&D Experience Grant to undertaken statistical review, analysis and modelling to provide comparative benchmarking data for Councils in New Zealand.
As founders, we hear it time and time again ... we need to take a beat and celebrate our wins (big or small). Doggone appreciates this recognition from Callaghan Innovation of the work we have been undertaking, and we'll gladly take this win.

Facts help organisations make better informed decisions.

Doggone’s R&D project will specifically help Councils with their animal management practices by providing comparative benchmarking to ensure continuous improvement and delivery of services. An in-depth review of current and historical statistics will be undertaken and will be used as the base data for statistical analysis and data modelling.