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Doggone App ranks highly!

It seems that the arrival of the Doggone App is striking a chord in all the right places. Within hours of the App going live on both Google and Apple platforms it was ranking as the second most popular App for those interested in things relating to dogs. It’s all systems go for those involved in the trials with Hamilton and Hutt City Councils. If you’re involved in the trials, then you can now download the Doggone App and create your dog’s Virtual ID profile.

If you’re thinking of syncing …. please don’t! Because we want every phone with the Doggone App to be able to look out for your dog, and not just yours. The Doggone App and the Doggone Bluetooth dog tag will sync automatically. You don’t need to do a thing!

We are about to unleash big things!

Our new website is coming soon!

But wait there’s more …. 

Doggone’s much anticipated GPS Smart Tag is about to be released.

To experience true peace of mind that comes from always knowing where your pet is, pre-order now!

Discount available for all pre-orders.