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Another ground-breaking innovation

Doggone’s ‘Report a Wandering Dog’ feature has been met with great enthusiasm!  Not only does it allow dog owners with the App to assist in reuniting lost dogs with their owners, it also allows members of the wider community to actively assist in the reuniting process – all they need is the App installed on their phone.

By simply clicking the ‘Report a Wandering Dog’ button, a photo appears of all nearby dogs wearing a Doggone Bluetooth tag.  Verification of the dog’s identity is required via the photos displayed.  If a photo of the wandering dog does not appear, it’s either because the dog is not wearing a Doggone tag or its owner has not yet uploaded a photo.

This is one of the many unique features of Doggone and in addition to the Doggone patent pending, this specific innovation is also patent pending.

We are about to unleash big things!

Our new website is coming soon!

But wait there’s more …. 

Doggone’s much anticipated GPS Smart Tag is about to be released.

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