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Instructional Videos

Doggone is a reuniting service that quickly and safely reunites you with your lost pet using everyday technology.

Check out our instructional videos that cover everything you need to know about getting Doggone’s reunite service up and running for your pet!

We will continue to keep adding videos so please keep an eye out. If there’s something else that you need help with, please contact us at support@doggone.co.nz and we’ll be happy to assist.  It may even inspire us to create a new instructional video!

How to download the Doggone app in the App Store for iPhone (iOS)

How to download the Doggone app in the Play Store for Android

How to create an account in the Doggone app

How to log in to the Doggone app

Forgot password?

How to confirm owner contact details in the App to activate pet’s profile

How to change the contact phone number for your pet, so the right person can be contacted when it matters!

How to edit pet’s profile information in the Doggone app

How to reunite a pet through Doggone’s 4133 text reunite service

How to add a photo to your pet’s profile in the Doggone app

How to change a pet’s photo in its profile in the Doggone app

How to add notes about your pet in the Doggone app, to share with Finder

How to add medical information about your pet (and vet details) in the Doggone app

How to add vaccination or other medical reminders in the Doggone app

Coming soon

How to check FAQs in the Doggone app

Explainer video

We are about to unleash big things!

Our new website is coming soon!

But wait there’s more …. 

Doggone’s much anticipated GPS Smart Tag is about to be released.

To experience true peace of mind that comes from always knowing where your pet is, pre-order now!

Discount available for all pre-orders.