Doggone is an incredibly helpful service which I’ve found to be hugely valuable. I was extremely grateful to have this when my dog Wyla, that I’d had for nearly 2 years, learnt how to jump our fence and started escaping whilst I was at work. This happened on a few occasions and thanks to Doggone I was contacted by a friendly local that kept her safe whilst I made my way home to collect her.

It’s hugely reassuring to know that if my dog does ever wander then it’s easy for anyone to get in contact with me. The team at Doggone have always been a pleasure to deal with, answering my questions and helping me to get my dog’s tag up and running when it first arrived.

I will continue to subscribe to Doggone – it’s a very small cost for the peace of mind and service provided. Thanks Doggone!

Jo, Lower Hutt

Our three munchkins are so precious to us, that when I heard about Doggone, it was a no-brainer. Just the security of knowing that if they choose to do a runner, we can trace them. I wish I had known about this service earlier as it certainly would have come in handy, and relieved a lot of stress, when they have escaped in the past. Now all we need is the Council to come on board. The more users, the better for everyone. Thanks Doggone!!

Rachel, Christchurch

Our beautiful dog is a bit of a wanderer.  We are so thankful for Doggone’s service – through it, we’ve been reunited with her twice in the last week alone!

Marian, Lower Hutt

I have tried out the Doggone app and think it is brilliant.  It means if my dogs go walkabout I can find out where they are immediately and that is very reassuring.  I just wish our Council would implement it next July when the registration comes due.

Sylvia, West Melton, Selwyn

We love the Doggone app. It is very accurate in location when we have been out and about and we love the peace of mind it gives knowing that if our dog was to get lost, it’s a quick and easy way of helping find him. I just wish Wellington City Council would hurry up and get on board with this amazing technology and adopt it for our region, like other regions have. I also love that it can assist other dog owners if their pooch goes missing!

Rebecca, Wellington

Doggone is a great initiative and their dog tags – that allow traceability of your pup – bring peace of mind.  I feel confident letting my Greyhound run along the beach and out in substantially sized parks knowing that I have the Doggone app to fall back on if my doggo runs out of sight.

The app is simple to use,  fun to see your pooch on the map, and it’s a simple way to help reunite doggos in the community with their humans.

I hope my Council jumps on board with Doggone soon.

Jodie, Masterton

We love that our dog is now wearing a Doggone tag.

We own a Farm and since our dog has been wearing her Doggone tag, we’ve been able to access the app to spot where she’s adventured off to – both my husband and myself have the Doggone App on our phone. I can say without a doubt that we can see where she is right away!

She usually follows and sits with Hubby if he’s out the back of our farm while he is doing fencing maintenance. It was excellent … I knew where they were and could take hubby his morning flask of tea without having to scout around for them!  🙂

I’ve also watched the app when she went for a ride to town and it has awesome coverage!

I posted feedback in a Pet Group that I am the administrator for. Many of our members have been delighted to hear about Doggone and also wish Hawkes Bay/Central Hawkes Bay would offer Doggone tags.  So many lost or missing dogs that are reported on a daily basis could be found faster for their owners.

Maybe in the future Councils could take a look a these tags and realise they’re a valued asset for all dog owners.

I hope the Hutt Council can give out positive feedback to other Councils with these. It would be so worth it.

Thank you sincerely for giving me the opportunity of trying the Doggone tag out … it is so worthwhile to have.  Ever so appreciative!

Janece, Central Hawkes Bay

I absolutely love the Doggone tags and the App. It’s user friendly and if you have any issues, the communication with the Doggone staff, in particular Tracy, has been instant, clear and concise.

I have two dogs so it’s been awesome to know that I can track and trace my dogs and you can reunite other dogs with their owners.

We have recently taken on a new dog so this tag has been awesome just in case he bolts out the gate.

Tim, Wellington

Very lucky to have the chance of using the Doggone app and tag even though my (Napier) Council isn’t using it…. yet. Love it! We have checked it works from multiple locations…. very reassuring. Really hope Napier City Council takes up the opportunity to use Doggone. Thank you team 👏👏

Madeleine, Napier

I love how easy it was to set up in the app. All is going really well.  The welcome email and Quick Start Guide are very clear and give me confidence that anyone could set one up.

The tag is so nice and sturdy, the printing on it is beautiful and stays on. It just looks really, really good. It is also so nice and easy to put on the collar. I hate the other type of Council tags – they make no sense and are not user friendly. Please tell the Wellington City Council that the days of those types of plastic tag are up.  I really hope that we see Doggone tags in Wellington next year. The customer service from Doggone is friendly and fast. Doggone will help everyone locate their dogs and give peace of mind.

Adam, Wellington

Got my @doggonenz tag yesterday. Have you heard about these? Lower Hutt council are using these registration tags, it is a smart Bluetooth LE device that sends out a signal that can be picked up within 60m of any phone using the app and it has a text service too. You can report your dog missing, or any dogs wandering and get them back home asap. Hopefully it gets rolled out nationwide!

I love the fact that if a dog went missing that the Doggone Smart tag gives options on getting them back as quickly as possible.

Having been in the situation of having my puppy stolen, the technology the Doggone tag provides would have given me more avenues to maybe get her back. I did everything in my power to find her but it wasn’t enough. When you are in that situation, all options available to the owner need to be easy to access because the panic is blinding.

People that adore their dogs will definitely opt for the Doggone tag when registering their furbabies – so many people are interested in a way to track their dog.  Responsible owners don’t have an issue on paying money to register their dogs but you don’t see what your money pays for apart from a plastic disc. The Doggone tag makes paying registration feel worth it and I think owners will be jumping at the opportunity to get one of these Smart tags.

Rachel, Auckland

Received the Doggone set up in the mail and have gone through all of it – just want to say how easy the instructions were and how fantastic the app is! Super user friendly and really effective. Hopefully the Wellington City Council gets on board and other people will also download the app and get behind it – it’s a great initiative.

Alex, Wellington

I think it’s a great idea to know where your dog is when, or if, he or she gets out of the gate. Love how you can create your dog’s profile with a picture of him or her 😊  I can’t wait for Hamilton City Council to give it to all dog owners next year 😊   I love this app and this device for our fur baby 💜

I definitely recommend it!

Catherine, Hamilton

Doggone is so cool!  It was so simple to download the App and create the profiles for our two dogs.  Everything is working as it should.  A big thank you to Doggone – we’re very grateful to be able to try out this service!

Wendy, Auckland

Loving our new Doggone tags!

Nicky, Lower Hutt

Doggone has kept our Choccie safe. She occasionally likes to sneak off for a wee adventure… nothing too far, but she’s little, and not very worldly wise. And, just recently, she did it again… Well, thanks to Doggone and a helpful friendly stranger who read and followed the simple instructions on her tag, she was back at home, safe and sound, within just a matter of minutes… Such a relief! Thanks so much Doggone! ☺

Brent, Lower Hutt

Absolutely delighted with the service and that we got our dog back so quickly. It was particularly stressful that our dog went wandering after the Lockdown had started. Really thrilled with the follow-up call from Doggone too, above and beyond.

Lee, Lower Hutt

Brilliant idea and brilliant support.

Helen, Lower Hutt

Our tags are working really well – your customer service is amazing.

Michelle, Lower Hutt

Thank you so much for reuniting our dogs! This is a much better outcome than bailing them out of the Pound or them getting hurt and I’m so pleased they were found. Thanks again, really appreciated!

Kate, Lower Hutt

Thank you so much for your help. It’s great to see the bugs getting ironed out in these tags as I think they’re awesome. You’re doing an awesome job! Thanks for hanging in there ☺

Heather, Lower Hutt

Thanks for the upgraded tag – it’s working really well. Awesome responses and great response time too!

Dan, Lower Hutt

The system is very good and I want to see it succeed. Great customer service.

Councillor Chris Milne, Lower Hutt

Having just been reunited with my dog, I’m so incredibly grateful. Thank you for making this service!

Grant, Lower Hutt

It was great to be able to contact the owner directly when I found their dog so they could avoid the dog pound and the fees that go with it.

Sandy, Lower Hutt

It was incredibly stressful when we lost our dog in Nelson over Christmas – it was amazing to get her back so quickly, and what a relief.

Mandy, Lower Hutt

Congratulations to everyone on the positive moving forward for Doggone. Because of you guys, all of us responsible and caring dog owners can feel more comfortable with our dog’s security and well-being.

Heather, Hutt Valley

I think these should be compulsory when registering your dog anywhere in New Zealand.

Carla, Hamilton

It’s very good. I think all dogs should have it.

Clare, Stokes Valley

My dog got out and I was able to track him on the app to see which way down the street he went. By using the app I was able to find him quickly and get him home safe.

Grace, Stokes Valley

Great tool for knowing we can find our pets if they go missing. So cool council is trialing.

Linda, Stokes Valley

Fantastic idea!! So reassuring to have for our fur baby. Love it!

Haley, Stokes Valley

This is a fantastic service, I really hope it is continued and extended beyond the trial area.

Kylie, Stokes Valley

I think it is a great initiative.

John, Stokes Valley

Please keep it going as it’s going to make a huge difference.

Maria, Hamilton

We had a legitimate return due to the doggone tag on Bella last night, not knowing that she had escaped. It was brilliant!

Michelle, Stokes Valley

Awesome idea!!

Rhys, Hamilton

Great programme. Should be all over the world.

Maritza, Hamilton

Love Doggone!

Bryony, Hamilton

Awesome idea! Not only for locating your dog if they go missing but it’s also quite nice to be able to check the app throughout the day to see that they’re still safe at home.

Laura, Hamilton

Great idea.

Carolyn, Hamilton

All councils should consider using Doggone it’s the BEST idea!

Heather, Hamilton

Love the idea and customer service so far has been very helpful!

Katie, Stokes Valley

Everything works well and it is easy to understand and follow.

Michelle, Hamilton

Great idea should continue.

Wendy, Stokes Valley

About time!

Cameron, Stokes Valley

Seems to work well.

Melissa, Hamilton

Great idea.

Larissa, Hamilton

The tag has survived Lab (rador) testing.

Andrew, Stokes Valley

Awesome service.

Jen, Stokes Valley

Thank you for creating this app. It has huge potential.

Angela, Hamilton