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Setup Guide


Turn on Doggone dog tag by pushing the button positioned underneath the Exp date on the tag. An LED light will flash briefly when the button is first pushed to show that the tag has been turned on. Once the tag has been turned on, it stays on, even if the button is pushed again. The light won’t remain on – which  saves battery life and avoids annoying your dog with continual flashing.


Attach Doggone tag to your dog’s collar. Your dog should also wear it’s current Council registration tag (green) during the trial.


Download free Doggone App (App Store for iPhone; Play Store for Android). Search for “doggone”.


Open Doggone App and register your account – complete the fields, including email address and create a password.  Select “Join”.


Allow Bluetooth and location permissions on your phone and location permissions for the Doggone App.  Location permissions is found under the privacy tab in settings.


Enter your Validation Code (included with your dog tag – 8 characters) where indicated. You need to ensure that your validation code is entered in order to receive information about your dog. Other family members can also set up the App on their phones to receive your dog’s location information, they simply need to log into the App using the main account holder’s email and password.


Click on “ Add a pet” to create your dog’s profile.  Enter information about your dog in the relevant fields.  A separate Virtual ID profile needs to be completed for every dog you own.  You can also change or add further contact details about the owner in the Account details area (menu).


Only mark your dog as lost in the App if your dog is lost – all lost dog notifications are provided to Animal Control Officers at your Council.


If you need any help please feel free to get in touch with us either online at www.doggone.co.nz/contact or by giving us a call on 0800 321 111. We’d love to hear your feedback and we will be in touch throughout the trial.