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Setup Guide


Up until 30-6-19 your dog should wear its existing green Council tag. The next registration year begins on 1-7-19 and from that date, your yellow Doggone tag becomes your official Council dog registration tag. The Doggone App will be available to download from 30-6-19.


With your Doggone tag, you would have received an 8-character validation code. You will need this to set up your dog’s Virtual ID profile in the App, so please keep it in a safe place.


Turn on the Doggone dog tag by firmly pushing the button positioned under the expiry date. Once ON, the tag cannot be turned off even if the button is pushed again.


Attach Doggone tag to your dog’s collar.


From 30-6-19 you can download the free Doggone App (App Store for Apple; Play Store for Android). Search for “doggone”


Open Doggone App and register your account by entering your email address and create a password.


Allow Bluetooth, location and notification permissions in both the App and your phone settings.


Complete your dog owner contact details. If you do not want to enter your contact phone number, then enter the Animal Services phone number 04 570 6666.


Click on “” to create your dog’s profile. Enter your validation code in the mandatory field – this code is unique to your dog and allows you access to information about your dog’s location sightings, and enables you to update your dog’s Virtual ID profile at any time. Be sure to include a photo of your dog in its profile so it can be quickly identified if reported as wandering. Please note: a separate Virtual ID profile needs to be created for each dog you own.


If you wish to share access to information about your dog’s location with people you trust such as family members, your regular dog walker/sitter or friends, you can. They simply need to download the free App and log in using your email address and nominated password.


Only mark your dog as lost in the App if your dog is lost – all lost dog notifications are provided to Animal Control Officers at Hutt City Council.


Doggone has a ‘Report a Wandering Dog’ feature. When a dog is reported as wandering by someone through the App, a location sighting notification is automatically sent to the dog’s owner and to Animal Management.


Doggone is fully compliant with the NZ Privacy Act – no third party will have access to any information about your dog or its location.


If you need any help please get in touch with us either online at www.doggone.co.nz/contact or on 0800 321 111.