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Reuniting Stories

Sahara’s story

Sahara wandered off on Friday afternoon and visited an unknown neighbourhood home five or six houses up the street. By simply sending Sahara’s registration number to Doggone’s free text service (4133), the good samaritan was able to quickly reunite her with her owners. From Sahara’s owners: “This is exactly why we… Read more

So thrilled!

Puddle’s owner was thrilled when the Doggone tag enabled them to be reunited recently. Puddles was spending some time with ‘dad’ at the office and managed to wander off. Heading over to Mitre10 she was found by a good samaritan who used Doggone’s free text service to get hold of her… Read more

It was great to be able to help!

Piki, a caring dog owner in the Hutt Valley, helped reunite a wandering dog with its owner yesterday. “When the dog came on to our property, it was a simple matter of using the free Doggone text service to get in touch with the owner. Having previously seen the stories… Read more

Off on a runner!

Out and about on her daily walk in the hills with dad, young Poppy took it upon herself to ‘do a runner’. Thankfully she was only missing for about 20 minutes when the owner received a call from someone that had come across Poppy and used the free text service… Read more

It works brilliantly

With Bella’s owner out of town, and the front door at home accidentally left open, Bella took herself for a walk recently. While off on her adventure Bella introduced herself to a neighbour four houses down that she hadn’t previously met.  Fortunately the neighbour used the free text service (4133)… Read more

An out-of-town reuniting

Young Luna lives in the Hutt Valley. She was out of town over the weekend staying with family friends in Kapiti. While there, she managed to jump the fence and head off for an adventure on her own. Luckily Luna was wearing her Doggone registration tag, and the good samaritan who… Read more

A first time for everything…

An opportunity presented itself to Scoobie when a visitor to his home inadvertently left the front door open.  He wandered off and got caught out in a rain storm.  Soaking wet, he made his way a few houses up the street.  Thankfully he was wearing his new Doggone registration tag… Read more

Doggone App saves the day

Doggone is delighted to have aided another successful reuniting. Last night it was beautiful wee Georgie, who took herself off for a wander – in search of some treats, we believe! The App sent a notification to the owner of Georgie’s location when she came within proximity of a phone… Read more

Doggone service effective in new neighbourhood

Finn’s owners were delighted to be reunited so quickly with him when he took himself for a walk-about on the weekend. With their house undergoing renovations, and living in a rental property in a different suburb, it was very stressful when Finn wandered away from the property – in an… Read more