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Doggone is a bespoke, innovative and sustainable technology-based solution for the quick and safe reuniting of man and best friend

While it has very real benefits for dog owners, Doggone was also developed to provide Animal Control Officers (ACOs) with a safe, robust and efficient means of finding the owner of a wandering dog and as a means to evolve best practice in animal management.

From discussion with Councils around the country, it is clear that Doggone delivers significant benefits and contributes to the effectiveness of Council animal control functions and responsibilities.

Within the Doggone App there is a designated portal for ACOs alone that provides:

• Access to the dog’s registration information
• The ability to add further and important information
• The ability to access details of a menacing dog from a safe distance
• Overview of all dogs currently marked as missing
• Overview of all dogs currently within range
• The ability to send notifications of relevance to individual or all dog owners

Whenever a dog is marked as missing by its owner or a member of the community marks a dog as wandering, the local ACOs will receive a notification of this alert.

Doggone can provide Councils with information that assists with management of dog behaviour and owner responsibilities and provides the opportunity to work collaboratively rather than punitively with dog owners around their responsibilities under the Dog Control Act 1996. It is also a valuable data source for planning purposes and future policy development.

Doggone also allows for information sharing between Councils, and an out of town Council can also be notified if a dog is lost in their vicinity.

Our research among dog owners shows that Doggone would add additional perceived value to dog registration in keeping their dogs safely where they belong.

For further information on the multiple features and benefits that Doggone can offer your Council and your dog owners, please contact us.




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